Each legislative session, the nonpartisan ACLU of Iowa lobbies extensively on a variety of issues.

ACLU of Iowa staff work year round to make sure that Iowa's laws and government promote civil liberties and protect our most fundamental rights and liberties.

When the Iowa Legislature is in session January through April, our team is at the statehouse, attending and speaking at subcommittee and committee meetings and working directly with legislators and government officials. (Shown here is ACLU of Iowa Policy Director Daniel Zeno, center, at the statehouse.)

To see the ACLU of Iowa’s position on a particular bill:

Go to the Iowa Legislature's web page for a listing of how the ACLU of Iowa and other organizations have declared their positions on a single bill or all bills. (Type “ACLU” in the “Client Name” box.)

To find out more about ACLU activity or positions on issues:

Please click on the little magnifying glass on this page (in the upper righthand corner) to search this site by typing in the issue or bill name or number. 

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