A civil liberties attorney whose work ended up in the history books, Dan Johnston's legacy has been honored with the creation of the Dan Johnston Cooperating Attorney Award. 

Dan died in 2016 but his name lives on in a body of work that started with the ACLU of Iowa case, Tinker v. Des Moines Schools in the 1960s. Tinker was just one chapter in a remarkable and admirable legal career that spanned decades.

In almost everything Dan did, from his work as an Iowa legislator to serving as General Counsel for the Criminal Justice Subcommittee of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, Dan worked to defend those who were least able to defend themselves. We are proud to implement a new award created especially in his honor: The Dan Johnston Cooperating Attorney Award.

The ACLU of Iowa relies on volunteer, cooperating attorneys who give of their time to fight injustices in our state. They are motivated more by personal principle, fidelity to the Constitution, and equal rights than they are financial gain.

2019 Winner: Nixon Peabody partners Seth A. Horvath, F. Thomas Hecht, and Tina B. Solis
2018 Winner: Melissa Hasso, Sherinian & Hasso Law Firm
2017 Winner: Glen Downey, Downey and Mundy, Des Moines
2016 Winner: Joseph Glazebrook, Glazebrook, Moe, and Hurd, Des Moines