The ACLU of Iowa has been a strong leader in advancing women’s rights and gender equality for decades. In fact, Louise L. Noun, a pioneering Iowa feminist, was president of the ACLU of Iowa from 1964 to 1972. 

• Combatting the constant assault in the Iowa Legislature to erode women's right to an abortion. In 2018, we filed a lawsuits to block implementation of both the six-week "fetal heartbeat" ban passed by extremist politicians. In 2017, we filed a lawsuit to block implementation of a medically unnecessary second clinic visit for a woman seeking an abortion that then must be followed by a 72-hour wait to actually receive abortion services. 

• Working to pass a Pregnant Worker's Rights bill in the Iowa Legislature. Learn more here.

• Filed a lawsuit for Iowa teen Nancy Doe asking the court to protect her from a local prosecutor’s threat of criminal charges for her taking and sending two non-nude photographs of herself to a boy at school (even though the same pictures, if taken by a boy, would not have been punished). Find out more.

• Worked with Law Students for Reproductive Justice and the Iowa Board of Law Examiners to allow reasonable accommodations like break time and a private, clean space for new moms taking the bar exam to breast-pump.  Read more here.

• Successfully worked to change the Iowa Department of Corrections's policy of shackling women prisoners during later pregnancy, after labor had begun, and in postpartum recovery.  But legislation is still needed to protect women in the full range of conditions related to their pregnancies. Click here for further reading. 

• Lead the successful effort to pass the Right to Assistance Bill, so domestic violence victims and others will not feel intimidated when they need to call 911. For more information, click here.

National Women’s Rights project

The ACLU Women’s Rights Project was born in 1971 under Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s leadership, in order to remove artificial barriers and open opportunities for women. Working at the national level for over four decades, it has been recognized as a leading advocate for women’s rights and gender equity.

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