The ACLU of Iowa has fought for students in public schools since the ACLU's landmark student free speech win in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, Tinker v. the Des Moines Public Schools, in the 1960s. We're proud to continue to fight.

Immigrant Students

Public schools must be safe places to learn and be free from harassment and intimidation based on immigration status or ethnicity. The ACLU of Iowa is educating immigrant students, their families, and administrators about the constitutional rights of immigrants in schools. See the letter we sent outlining student rights and school responsibilities. 

Body Cameras In Schools

Iowa's public schools should be safe places to learn and express yourself, not to be monitored by school officials wearing body cameras.

Defending Student Freedom of Religion 

For decades, the ACLU of Iowa has brought lawsuit in those school districts where students have complained about schools forcing particular religious views on them, including a case where two Dunlap, Iowa, high school students were required to sing The Lord's Prayer. 

We've also issued an advisory to school officials about avoiding school assemblies that have a religious message that proslytizes students, often with homophobic content. 

Preserving the Free Speech Rights of Students in Social Media

Bullying has no place in Iowa's schools, but neither does monitoring student speech 24/7, even out of school, on summer vacation, and when students are with their families. That's why we fought hard and successfully against a key provision of an anti-bullying bill that required administrators to monitor student social media activity in an unconstitutional manner. 

Speaking Out Against School Resource Officers

A full-time permanent police presence in schools only feeds the school-to-prison pipeline and disproportionately affects students of color. Find out more.

Defending the Right of Pregnant and Parenting Teens

Being pregnant or a young parent should not prevent you from getting an education in Iowa. Find out more.