Increasingly, our movements are monitored, recorded, tracked, and fed into government databases, invading citizens’ privacy.

Police Body Cameras

The ACLU of Iowa sees body cameras by law enforcement as a potentially positive tool to combat racial profiling and police abuse. However, to be an effective oversight tool, their use must be accompanied by strong, clear policies that govern use, data retention, and sharing. Read more.

Automatic License Plate Readers

When used in a narrow and carefully regulated way, ALPRs can help police recover stolen cars and arrest people with outstanding warrants. But when used in the wrong way, location information can reveal deeply sensitive and intimate details of our lives. We believe there is a way to use ALPRs to promote public safety while also protecting citizens’ civil liberties. Get the details.

Drones in Iowa

In 2014 we helped to pass legislation protecting Iowa from law enforcement use of drones to conduct warrantless surveillance in many cases. Domestic drones are increasingly being used by law enforcement, but there are concerns about this new technology. The potential for government intrusion is significant, especially if limitations, such as warrants for use, are not set. Find out more.

Traffic Cameras

Traffic cameras present problems for Iowans’ privacy and due process rights. We continue to work to advance a bill in the Iowa Legislature to ban traffic cameras. Read more.

Iowa City Local Ordinances Against Traffic Cameras and Drones

In 2013 we successfully represented the Iowa City group, Stop Big Brother, in passing first-of-their-kind local ordinances banning the use of drones, automatic license plate readers, and traffic cameras by law enforcement to enforce traffic laws in city limits. Read more.