The ACLU of Iowa works with community members and others to assure open government with the greatest transparency possible. 

Body Cameras 

The ACLU is working with local law enforcement and advocacy groups, such as the Iowa Freedom of Information Council, and others to make sure that body camera footage is available to the public in cases that warrant it. We also want to see good policies and laws in place to protect the privacy of individuals. Find out more.

Records from Closed Sessions of the Des Moines Schools

When Des Moines Public Schools Superintentent Nancy Sebring resigned after sending sexually explicit emails, the ACLU of Iowa successfully represented a school district member who wanted to see the minutes of a closed session of Des Moines school officials. It was determined that parts of that meeting were improperly closed, and those were released to the public. Find out more.

Open Government in Clinton

We successfully represented Citizens for Open Government, a Clinton, Iowa, citizen's group that sued in order to look at records from city meetings regarding the city's improper ambulance billings that resulted in $4.5 million in fines and damages. Find out more.

The Iowa Public Information Board 

We worked for passage of a bill in the Iowa Legislature to create an Iowa Public Information Board, which we hoped would hold government officials more accountable for providing open records. Find out more. 

Records of Strip-Searching of Students

The ACLU of Atlantic, Iowa successfully filed suit find out what reprimand, if any, was used against teachers who conducted a strip-search of high school students looking for $100 allegedly stolen from another student. Read more.