6/1/20: Media Statement: Mandatory Stay-At-Home Curfew in Polk County

5/7/20: Court Rules State Can’t Exclude Planned Parenthood from State-Approved Sex Education for Iowa Youth

4/30/20: 23 Iowa Advocacy Organizations Call on State Leaders To Prevent Mass Evictions Amid COVID-19

4/29/20: ACLU of Iowa Files FOIA Requests for Information on COVID-19 Outbreaks in Iowa Prisons

4/20/20: Iowa Ranks Among the Worst States in Racial Disparities for Marijuana Arrests

4/16/20: Iowa Advocacy Organizations Ask ICE to Decrease Detention of Immigrants Detained in County Jails to Prevent Spread of COVID-19

4/9/20: Media Statement: Iowa Gov. Reynolds Call to Prayer Violates Religious Freedom

3/30/20: The ACLU and Planned Parenthood File Emergency Lawsuit to Keep Essential Abortion Procedures Available in Iowa During Pandemic

2/20/20: More Than Two Dozen Organizations Call For Protecting Public Health By Decreasing the Number of Iowans in Jails and Prisons
2/24/20: Iowa Secretary of State Failing to Provide for Notification to Wrongfully Disenfranchised Iowans

2/12/20: ACLU of Iowa Position on Felony Disenfranchisement Exceptions Bill


12/13/19: Media Statement: Iowa is Last State Standing with Lifetime Felony Disenfranchisement

12/3/19: Federal Court Issues Preliminary Injunction of Iowa’s Ag Gag 2.0 Law

10/29/19: ACLU of Iowa Files Amicus Brief to Protect the Right to Record Police in Public

9/12/19: Ames High School Transgender Student Wins 2019 ACLU of Iowa Mannheimer Award

9/4/19: 2019 Louise Noun Award Given to Four Iowans

8/28/19: Nixon Peabody Attorneys Honored with Dan Johnston Award

8/7/19: Casey Gradischnig Given Edward S. Allen Award by the ACLU of Iowa

8/6/19: ACLU of Iowa Statement on Dorr Book Burning

7/25/19: Iowa CCI Given Partners in Liberty Award by ACLU of Iowa

7/8/19: Red Oak Man Wins Facebook Free Speech Lawsuit

5/31/19: ACLU of Iowa Files Lawsuit to Block Iowa Law Preventing Transgender Iowans from Accessing Medicaid for Medically Necessary Gender-Affirming Surgery

5/30/19: Court Orders Temporary Injunction to Allow Planned Parenthood to Receive Federal Sex Education Funding

5/21/19: ACLU of Iowa Defends Red Oak Man's Right to Free Speech on Social Media

5/15/19: The ACLU and Planned Parenthood File Lawsuit Challenging Education Defunding Law

4/22/19: ACLU of Iowa Files Ag Gag 2.0 Lawsuit For ALDF, Bailing Out Benji, Iowa CCI, PETA, and the Center for Food Safety

3/25/19: ACLU of Iowa Files an Appeal on Behalf of Adam Klein In Autumn Steele Open Records Case

3/22/19: ACLU to Mark 100 Year Anniversary With Pop-Up Experience In Des Moines

3/8/19: Landmark Win for Transgender Rights Today in Iowa Supreme Court

3/7/19: ACLU of Iowa Releases Roadmap for Cutting Incarceration by 50 Percent

2/13/19: Historic Win for Transgender Rights in Iowa

2/11/19: Tinkers in Iowa to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Ruling for Student Rights

1/22/19: Iowa's 6-Week Abortion Law Struck Down as Unconstitutional

1/15/19: ACLU of Iowa Endorses Gov. Reynold’s Call for an Ex-felon Voting Constitutional Amendment

1/9/19: Victory in Lawsuit Against Iowa’s “Ag Gag” Law 


10/25/18: ACLU of Iowa Releases Legislative Report and Civil Liberties Scorecard

8/31/18: Betty Andrews, Russell Lovell, and David Walker of the NAACP Win ACLU of Iowa Louise Noun Award

8/20/18: One Iowa, Donna Red Wing Given ACLU of Iowa Awards

8/6/18: Melissa Hasso Wins the 2018 Dan Johnston Cooperating Attorney Award

6/29/18: Iowa Supreme Court Strikes Down 72-Hour Wait Abortion Law

6/7/2018:  ACLU Wins Lawsuit to Secure Equality in Medicaid Coverage For Transgender Iowans

5/22/2018: Buena Vista Cheerleader Who Took A Knee Receives Mannheimer Award

3/29/2018: Victory in ag processing facility odors free speech lawsuit in Sibley, Iowa

3/8/2018: ACLU of Iowa files free speech lawsuit regarding smell at ag processing facility

2/14/2018: ACLU of Iowa and Planned Parenthood present oral arguments to the Iowa Supreme Court to block two key provisions of Iowa's new abortion law


10/24/2017: Iowa Supreme Court grants motion to temporarily continue to block enforcement of one of the most severe abortion restrictions in U.S.

10/9/2017: ACLU of Iowa Launches Research Project on Court Debt and the Criminalization of Poverty in Iowa

10/2/2017: Planned Parenthood of the Heartland and ACLU file appeal against one of the most severe abortion restrictions in the U.S.

9/22/2017: City of Marion Changes Its Unconstitutional Free Speech Ordinance

9/21/2017: ACLU of Iowa Files Lawsuit to Secure Equality in Medicaid Coverage for Transgender Iowans

9/19/2017: Iowa Advocacy Groups Respond With Concern to Proposed Voter ID Rules 

9/15/2017: Windsor Heights Agrees to Revise Sign Ordinance And Train Staff After ACLU Takes Action on Behalf of Residents

8/28/2017: Transgender Iowa Prison Nurse Files First Lawsuit In State for Equal Employment Environment, Equal Benefits

8/15/2017: City of Marion to Revise its Unconstitutional Public Demonstration Ordinance

8/14/2017: ACLU of Iowa Assisting Windsor Heights Residents Ordered to Take Down Signs Critical of the City

8/1/2017: Mary Campos and Joy Corning Honored with ACLU of Iowa Edward S. Allen Award

7/24/2017: ACLU of Iowa Honors Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, Des Moines Attorney Glen Downey

7/18/2017: ACLU of Iowa Submits FOIA Request for Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Communications, Records with Iowa Secretary of State

7/14/2017: J.J. Kapur Wins the ACLU of Iowa’s Mannheimer Youth Advocacy Award

7/13/2017: Marion County Attorney Forced to Drop “Sexting” Charges Against Teen Girl and to Pay Attorney Fees

5/22/2017: Newton High School Agrees to ACLU of Iowa Demands for Education of Students/Parents Following “Love Trumps Hate” Student Free Speech Incident

5/3/2017: ACLU of Iowa and Planned Parenthood File Lawsuit on 72-Hour Abortion Ban, Unnecessary Second Clinic Appointment

4/12/2017: ACLU of Iowa Files FOIA Lawsuit Regarding Muslim Ban

3/27/2017: Mark Stringer Named New ACLU of Iowa Executive Director

3/3/2017: Political Free Speech Win for Former County Auditor Tom Slockett

1/13/2017: Privacy Concerns with Video Cameras in Iowa City Public Library Restrooms Prompt Privacy Concerns


11/11/2016: ACLU of Iowa to Represent Knoxville Girl in “Sexting” Lawsuit

10/25/2016: New Coalition Formed to Work for Legislation, Constitutional Amendment To Allow Iowans With Felony Convictions to Vote

10/12/2016: Iowa Ranks Among Worst States for Racial Disparities in Drug Possession Rates

10/11/2016: Iowa League of Women Voters Honored with ACLU’s Edward Allen Award

9/28/2016: One Iowa, ACLU of Iowa and League of Women Voters of Iowa Release Poll Worker Tips for Respecting Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People

9/21/2016: Know Your Voting Rights in Iowa!

9/20/2016: Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald Honored With Louise Noun Award by ACLU of Iowa

9/20/2016: Daniel Zeno Joins ACLU of Iowa as Policy Counsel

9/14/2016: ACLU of Iowa Seeks Better Parole Board Procedures for Juveniles Sentenced to Life with Parole

9/1/2016: ACLU of Iowa Issues Letter Guiding Public Schools On Religious Assemblies

8/9/2016: Ben Christiason of Cedar Falls is named the 2017 Robert Mannheimer Youth Advocacy Award for his work on transgender youth issues.

7/21/2016: Transgender Male State Employee Files Complaint for Denial of Use of Facilities, Medical Benefits

5/19/2016: ACLU of Iowa Board of Directors Installs Six New Board Members

2/25/2016: Poll Shows Majority of Iowans Support Driver’s Licenses for All Immigrants

2/24/2016: Unconstitutional Prohibition on Contracts With Businesses That Boycott Israel

1/25/2016: Joseph Fraioli Hired as Staff Attorney

1/8/2016: Cristina Kinsella Hired as ACLU of Iowa Advocacy Coordinator


11/10/2015: ACLU Files Complaint on Behalf of Black Transgender Woman Illegally Profiled and Jailed

9/10/2015: Dane Schumann Hired as ACLU of Iowa Legislative Director

8/27/2015: Barnum, Garst, and Neu Named Edward S. Allen Honorees

8/17/2015: Sarah Conroy joins ACLU of Iowa as Development Director

7/23/2015: Des Moines Student Wins Robert Mannheimer Student Advocacy Award for Free Speech, Other Advocacy

5/29/2015: Senator Charles Grassley To Receive ACLU Petition With 60,000 Signatures Calling for an End to the Patriot Act

5/18/2015: Poll of Iowa Voters Shows Clear Support for Ending the Patriot Act in Its Current Form

4/20/15: Prison Reform Advocate Jean Basinger Wins 2015 Louise Noun Award

3/13/2015: Victory For Voting Rights: The Iowa Secretary of State’s Office Drops Voter Purge Appeal

2/19/2015: 2015 Mannheimer Youth Advocacy Award Nominations

2/17/2015: Statement on Obama Immigration Injunction

1/21/2015: Jeremy Rosen Named ACLU of Iowa Executive Director