Contact Us With a Legal Problem

If you have a civil liberties legal issue, please email us at with a short description (no more than one page please) of what happened, where it happened, when it happened, and how to reach you.

The ACLU of Iowa is no longer accepting legal intake by phone.

You can also mail us at:
ACLU of Iowa
505 5th Ave., #901
Des Moines, IA 50309

Be aware that the ACLU takes on very specific types of cases only. For more information, about what type of cases and complaints we handle, click here.

We treat information provided to us as confidential.

1 thought on “Contact Us With a Legal Problem”

  1. I read in the Fort Dodge Messenger that they are planning a bible reading marathon in front of the Webster county court house which happens to be across the street from where I reside. I do not wish to hear it or see it! It should not be taking place in front of a government building. They have churches that they can have bible reading marathons in. Why should they come to the court house and take up parking spaces from people that actually belong here? I think this is a very bad precedent unless they wish to have the same type of gathering for any number of other religions. I searched the internet and their are at least 15 other religions that could actually ask to have equal time. They are asking to do this for 24 hours a day from a Thursday to a Sunday. That would cause a lot of upset to business and residents near the court house. Please do not allow this to go on. Thank you.

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